Today marks the official launch of a much needed non for profit organization. This is the dream come true of the sole founder Dushawn Moses. An organization from a veteran for veterans. Lifeshift has finally arrived. I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Mr. Moses and get a glimpse into his vision for this organization. Here are a few of my inquiries.


Loon:     Why the name “Lifeshift?           

Mr. Moses:         Movement. The way we look at life and try to look at it differently. This is what really needs to happen to make a change in our life.

Loon:     What are your short term goals for this organizations?

Mr. Moses:         Basically getting the foundation up and running in the proper way.

Loon:     What are your long term goals for this organization?

Mr. Moses:         To have a filming studio that assist vets. I am a vet and God places things he want to achieve before you. So vets can change the way they think so they can move

                                forward in life.

Loon:     What brought you on this path?

Mr. Moses:         In 2014, I was asked to right Vetlife to motivate vets and like-minded people

Loon:     What are some other activates that you have out there?

Mr. Moses:         Wanting to help people. All my life I wanted to help people before I helped vets. To create Lifeshift is to help vets. Not given the create and means to shift their life.

Loon:     What is the demographic of your organization?

Mr. Moses:         Eventually several countries and states. Currently just in L.A.

Loon:     How would you like others to view organizations?

Mr. Moses:         A self-help organization

Loon:     Do you have offices outside of L.A.?

Mr. Moses:         Right now we are focusing on L.A. We have mobilized offices in NY, Tennessee and North Carolina

Loon:     How do you expect to bring hope to our forgotten heroes?

Mr. Moses:         First by giving them a second chance. They don’t feel like they can have a second chance.

Loon:     What do you mean the way they think?

Mr. Moses:         Experience locks us into a certain thought process. Showing a different way of processing their thought process.

Loon:     Do you have therapist on board?

Mr. Moses:         Yes

Loon:     Do you deal with the V.A.?

Mr. Moses:         Yes but dealing with them brings something new to the table.


                Lifeshift, is an innovated organization by a vet for vets. This is a long overdue assistance to all that have severed their country. Please check out this organization. Help this dream become a growing reality. Help in any way you are capable. Check them out here –


The L 


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