Mind, Body and You: Outside Your Comfort Zone

This is somewhat of a difficult post to write. Not because this is a difficult subject matter. In fact it’s quite the opposite, in fact it falls under the topic – Easier said than done. First thing that needs to be asked (I actually mean – What you need to ask yourself?) – What is your comfort zone? Easy question not so easy answered. I say that because this would have to take a level of raw honestly with oneself. You would need to take a real look at where your comfort zone really go. As you read this very post I can almost guarantee that you are within your comfort zone. Carry out some sort of daily routine. Outside of needing your eyes to read you can go through it with your eyes close. If this is a little close to being them you ARE within your comfort zone.

                Now that you have answered that question (or contemplating it at the very least). There is another question that should come to mind. Why is it so hard for us to step outside our comfort zone? That IS the question isn’t it? I can’t give a definite answer to the question. I can only provide my personal experience and point of view. I can only speculate that it’s our deep seeded fear of the unknown. So many questions arise. Will I enjoy this? What will be the after effect? Will I have time for this? Do I really want to dedicate the time to this? The list can go on and on. Basically, stepping outside our comfort zone change our daily routine. We all dislike our daily routine being disrupted. Then another curious question arise – What happens when you step outside your comfort zone?

                There’s one out of two things that can occur when you step outside your comfort zone. You will either hate the experience, which means you don’t have to experience it again (If you chose not too!) Or you will find something new that you can partake in form time to time. Or better yet tag into your current comfort zone. Yet for many of us these two options are too much to face. I know it’s a bit dramatic, but it’s so very true. If these two things are the worst and the best things that can happen by stepping outside your comfort zone. Then what is stopping you.

                That is the question we ask ourselves subconsciously before we decide to take that leap. All and all, our comfort zone limits us. It limits us from enjoying life to its fullest. It’s worth the risk to experiencing life to its fullest potential.

The Loon

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