I Challenge You

I sit here and write this post as the huge holiday season has come to an end. Up here in the northeast it’s basically freezing outside. As I have come to this realization my mind and heart can’t help but to fall on those that are not blessed with a warm and safe place to stay. There isn’t much I can do but there isn’t nothing I can do. I got the idea to crochet all my extra squares and crochet scrapes to several scarfs. I chose scarves because they are easier to place into my bag as I go about my daily routine. I bring two or three, and place some type of note of encouragement on each one. As I run into a homeless person I simply pass a scarf to them or place it by them. My heart breaks every time I ran out. So I came up with this challenge.

                The challenge – This is issued to all that knit, crochet or can make scarves using other methods. Using your scrapes (or if you want to make new ones that works as well) make a few scarfs. Fold them as nicely as you can. Write some type of note of encouragement on it. Attach it with a safety pin. (I say a safety pin because it might help them close up any holes in their clothing to assist them with keeping warm.) As you go back and forth to work, if you come across a homeless person simply place one scarf beside them or hand it to them.

                I am one person but I’m hoping enough people will take up this challenge and show that we still have love and humanity within our society. You have been challenged.

The Loon


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