Mind, Body and You: Life Happens

We move from one thing to another. We make plans for the future so we could reach those goals that we aim for so passionately. We make plans and keep our eyes on it so closely that when life happens it takes us completely off guard. We tend to forget that it’s not always about our plans.

                There are times when we are making our plans that we tend to forget about taking a moment and living life. We tend to forget that life actually happens. When life happens it doesn’t make you a horrible person. It just means you probably need to take a moment and smell the roses. It might also mean that there might be a detail or two that you have overlooked. It could be frustrating. It might even make you angry.

                Wait! Don’t blow you’re top. Take a deep breath and a step back. Take a moment and try to realize what you’re missing. There is a reason you are being slowed down. Guess what? It’s not that bad. Nose meet roses. You may even learn something very valuable about yourself. You might learn something valuable about the situation. If you take the time when life happens, it can always be a positive thing. It serves as a reminder at times to actually live life.

                As life happens the best advice that I can provide is enjoy the ride. Learn the lessons. Yet while on your ride don’t forget to enjoy every moment. Smile at your accomplishments because this too shall pass!

The Loon


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