The Degree of Hate

                This weekend I had an interesting experience over. I would love to share the experience that led to this particular post but first I would like to share my current conclusion. I say current because opinions are always subject to change as more information is obtained. The conclusion that I have come to is that everyone finds the feeling of hate acceptable as long as they find some alignment with what they see as their particular value. My statement is not an approval of such an alignment but just an epiphany of the reality of the state of our current situation as the world stands today.

                Such a realization deserves some insight or background per say. The state of this nation (as well as the world) greatly disturbs me. (Despite my silence on the topic). I feel before I go forward I should express my personal view of this overall feeling of hate. It’s completely unacceptable no matter what angle you are looking at it. Keeping this in mind you should have a better grasp of my shock. Yet I disagree with the alarming rise in the neo-Nazi sentiment. I also realize that this is not the only hate group in our nation. Again I must say I have no tolerance or patience for any of them. No matter the race, sex, political or religious affiliation. This past week I decided to emerge from my winter hole to go visit those outside in world. While enroute I saw a group of people that I have not seen literally in decades. They usually dress in colored leather outfits, basically spouting hate from the other end of spectrum. Needless to say I could not hide my disgust as I walked by.

                Words of hate are words of hate, no matter what side of the spectrum that you are screaming it from. I continued on to my original destination. During our many topics of conversation I brought up the experience at the train station. I really didn’t know what type of reaction I was expecting but the one I got was not the one I expected. I received a comment “I guess things change when it’s on the other foot.” I am not sure if my jaw dropped or not but my heart sank. I have to say I took this as an acceptance of a form of hate. I have to admit I might have overreacted but I dropped the topic.

                This has caused me to question what does it take for an individual to accept hate? Do we all have that level of acceptance if hate is package correctly for us? I know that these seem like stupid questions but are they really? Am I the only one that has zero tolerance for hate no matter what form its package as? This is a topic I hope to revisit with a more positive outcome.

The Loon


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