Indie Artist: Cosplay Alert

It’s been a while since I have actually written about an indie artist. Don’t fret I have a long list coming, so hold on to your seats because I have a long list of artist lined up for you. Which brings me up to this post. I was taking a moment from the crazy whirlwind that I currently call my life to have a cigarette. (Yeah I know and heard it all before. FYI! I am working on quitting.) This is when I meant a women with this beautiful hair with yellow dye. I was amazed. Being the Loon that I am I had to ask her how long and what method did she use to get such a brilliant color. As she got closer I was more amazed. She quickly revealed to me that she was wearing a wig! A wig that she designed herself. Jaw dropped!

Now I have to explain I am not one that I am not one for wearing wigs but as I have been thinking about starting my dreads again I was considering using wigs until they came to their own. However I would have to find something that looks natural and fit my personality. Well the owner of MISS FLOSSY’S WIGS, Echo Howard has shown me that this can be done. I was amazed by her work and craftsmanship. I checked out her work physically and on her Instagram (@imaflossyma). I have a bonus on this young entrepreneur, she also does make-up. This is an alert to my readers, followers and cosplay fans. She is on point with her work.

I am not easily wowed by both these genre’s but in a few moments I have been wowed. So I would like to drum up some support for Ms. Howard and her wonderful talent. Check her out on Instagram – @iamflossyma or on Facebook on – Echo Howard. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Also keep a look out for me sporting her work in a few months. I have to add that she has a good eye on one’s type of hair and what will work. I only say this because on a quick encounter she was able to tell me about my own hair where most hair stylist will try to overlook or look past it. Give some support for our up and coming wig designer and make up artist.

*Update: Please check out her Facebook fan page – . Give her a like and check out her latest creation.

The Loon


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