Where are the Women?

This is a post that have been in the thought process for a few years. Which will probably continue to shape itself as time goes on. As I watch with the rest of the world, the decline of the world on multiple levels. One can’t help but to ask ‘What’s going on in this world?’ ‘Why is it such disarray?’ I know so many people have asked this question to themselves so many times, and have come with so many different answers each time. I know I have. Yet on the eve of Father’s Day (no doubt) one bit me like a mosquito on a hot swelling summer night. It’s one that have been hit upon several times. In my opinion the world is missing the feminine aspect of humanity and this is not only on the worldly aspect but on a personal aspect as well. On the level on which we interact with each other on a day to day basis.

                It’s no coincidence that the “#MeToo” movement has been such a huge influence in so many places and have had a huge impact in the world in general. So many misbehaviors toward women are coming to light and being dealt with (sort of!). I think the reason things got so out of hand is because the world, the people, the individual have completely forgotten to connect with their feminine side. Even the female gender has forgotten to connect with each other and their own individual feminine side. Basically there is a huge disconnect that has occurred and it have been felt on a worldly level. This disconnection doesn’t have to be witnessed on a worldly level but on a human and personal level. It all starts with us women on an individual level.

                Please do not take offense but as a woman I had to accept this myself (Each atom collectively create the whole. We all have our part that we play.). It is shown on how we treat each other, interact with each other, even how we left each other up (or don’t for so many.). Plain and simple, how women treat each other has declined as we adapted the masculine way of conducting ourselves. Whether it be within our business and to some point – our families and how we conduct ourselves within those environments. It’s almost as if we have lost our ability to apply our nurturing aspect into anything we do anymore. If there is no nurturing nothing fruitful will flourish. Ask any farmer or anyone that cultivate any living thing. You can see this on the worldly scope as well as on the level that we interact with each other. We are the example that assist in the motivation of the world. If we lose our ability to nurture, whether it be among each other or elsewhere so does the world.

                Within my short life I have always worked in masculine dominated environment. Within those environment I have constantly heard the term “The good old boys system” or “The good old boys club”. That term is so common that no one bats an eye when it’s mentioned. Yet I have never heard the term – “The good old girl system” or “The good old girl club”. Think about that for a moment. We never have to have such a term to exist. Why is that? It took me a while to figure this out. It’s because we silently and indistinctly knew what needed to be done with unification and action. Somewhere along the path we lost that instinct or we just let it go. Although it was never spoken out loud but there have always been “The good old girl system”. It was shown in our actions and how we treat each other. We (as the feminine part of the species.) have naturally united and have been the foundation of the world. The world is in disarray because we no longer provide and act on our natural nurturing instinct. We no longer unify, instead we size each other up and devise ways of causing destructiveness in the lives of our fellow sisters. The past few decades we have not been present and acting accordingly. Our natural instinct have been replaced by the characteristic of the masculine which have become the dictators of the world. How can this be fixed? Well we have to re-interject the feminine aspect of humanity back into our daily interaction. We as sisters (This is nothing but fact!) need to act accordingly. What does this mean? Well how about this, instead of cutting each other down, let’s try something else. How about we give our sister (no matter the race) a helping hand instead of knocking her down. (Which is the habit that we have developed and have become known for. )

                Now I know many are asking ‘What do you mean?’. Well the sad thing is that many know exactly what I mean but refuse to admit that they comprehend. So I’m going to put it this way. We are always faced with choices in our life. And here is an example. Ladies have you ever had a position when you could either – give a fellow sister (again no matter the race, religion or sexuality) some essential or helpful guidance either within their life or life situation, yet instead you take actions to make matters worse. The sad thing is I have witness over and over again how sisters would choose the latter I have to say I am not clear why because it is our natural instinct to actually help each other out. It can only come to the conclusion that we as a gender (I should say the majority of the gender) have abandoned their natural nature to adapt the masculine way of doing things. (Which is the actually not the way they do things. Just saying!). Again this is only my opinion and observation.

                We would sell each other out for something as petty as money, fame and/or a penis. I wish I could understand this logic in abandoning our natural nurturing instinct. And worst yet pushing others to do others by petty and caddy actions. It is my whole hearted belief that the key to the world becoming humane again is with the proper and natural actions of women. Like I mentioned earlier we are the foundation of humanity. We are history keepers and makers of humanity (whether we are the actual vessel or the muse that cause it to happen.). It is not coincidence that they say behind a great (or successful) man is a woman. Yet behind a great woman is her determination, nature and honestly with herself and feminine aspect.  We are successful alone. We are more successful together and together we shape the world. We need to start shaping the world again with our heart.


The Loon


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