When it comes to writing on spirituality I usually try to keep it as general as possible. Not because I am ashamed of my own spiritual path but for two main reasons. First, and far most – I am not an expert on such things (Hell, I have my bouts with my own spiritual progression) so I am careful on how I approach such a sensitive subject (and this is a very sensitive subject). Secondly, I believe that no matter your path we can learn basic lessons from each other. I can only speak from my own personal experiences. This particular post comes from a place of observation and interaction with others. Let me start by saying that I live in the United States or where some refer to as America. There is a concept here called “Freedom of religion.” As we read the recent headlines for quite some time now many appear to have forgotten about this concept.

                Unfortunately, the ones that feel this the most are those that do not subscribe to the “main religions” of the world. Silently and peacefully going through their spiritual life, being preached to and  sometimes more than that. Yet truly never shown any kind of understanding. I come from the standpoint of we can have a discussion about our different viewpoints but the discussion ends at the point when one tries to convert another. Or worst force a belief system on another. To me this is a foreign concept only because I have spent the past few decades within a spiritual path that encourage tolerance of different viewpoints as well as concerning one’s self with spiritual growth and awareness. No matter how painful the process maybe. I bring up the issue of tolerance because that is an element that is truly lacking recently within humanity. Not only when it comes to difference in spiritual practices but in different aspects of life as well. Within this post I am going to focus more on the aspect of spiritual tolerance. Only because this one truly hits close to home for me.

                As I mentioned earlier I subscribe to what some would consider an alternative spiritual path, so being judged on misconception is nothing new to me at all. Which at times can become counterproductive for an individual during their spiritual progression let me rephrase that, it can become very annoying. Yes most would advise that it is up to the individual to get pass it. True to a point. It is also the job for each individual to respect the spiritual boundaries of others. To recognize although a particular path may not be for you but may work for another. There is no place for judgment of others within one’s personal spiritual growth. Within the different spiritual studies that I have glanced upon them all seem (except for a militant few) have the ideology that all lead to the same mountaintop. With that being said it’s beautiful having the choice in which you can reach that mountaintop should one choose.

                I find it ironic that lately in this country that religious intolerance have been the theme within our government theme and within the hearts of many. When in fact this country was born within the dreams of settlers running from religious persecution. The core reason that this land was settled upon and hundreds of years later is still the reason blood is being shed, persecution continues and intolerance is feed by nothing more than the unwillingness to have understanding within our hearts of others. I wish I could say I am not a judgmental person, that would be nothing but a lie. What I can say is that I accept that each individual have a right to follow their own spiritual path. Whichever it may be is none of my business. Should we ever sit down and break bread, we can discuss our differences and hopefully walk away with an understanding of each other’s different paths. Other than that again I must say it’s none of my business. What is my business is that within this land one have the right to shine within their own spiritual light and bring to the world the love that glows within the liberty to do so.

The Loon

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