That Time of Year Again

So it’s that time of the year. The leaves are turning the trees into a mosaic of different beautiful colors. The unbearable heat has given way to the brisk cool air of fall. By now the winter jackets have come out their summer hiding. Yeah it’s that time when we feel the effects of the onset of winter. For some, this time of the year brings on nothing but pure joy. For others depression. Unfortunately within the city it brings the reality that due to no shelter it may become quite a painful winter.

                Yes I am speaking of the homeless that so many of us hopelessly have forgotten or try our best to forget. This winter I ask no to forget them. I’m not saying to just keep them in your thoughts and prayers (Oh! How I dislike that saying) what I’m saying is to actually do something. Yes I understand that we as individuals can make a difference within this ever growing problem. Yet what we can do is behave like human beings again.

                Treating a homeless person with some compassion and dignity. I choose the fall and winter months because it’s usually the harshest. Like I mentioned it’s not going to solve the issue but every little bit helps. So I share with you a few ideas that may help.

1-      Putting together little travel kit care packages. (You can find a lot of ideas on what to put in theses all over the internet).

2-      If you crochet or knit. You can put together scarfs with misc. (My personal favorite)

3-      If you brown bag it to work you can make an extra sandwich or two.

These are just a few ideas. (If you have more please add them to the comments. It’s always good to share). These ideas are good ideas because you can easily place these items in your bag and hand them to a homeless person as you go through your travels. It doesn’t take much to provide human kindness to another human being.

Just a reminder to remember your fellow man this winter.

The Loon


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