How is Your Garden?

Honestly! How is YOUR garden? Are you walking around pissed off at everything and everyone? How is your garden? I have one better for you – Are you actually tending to your garden? Are you getting down and pulling out the weeds? Roots and all. Are you taking the proper steps to maintain any infestation of pest, within your garden? When you take a long hard look at your garden, how is it actually coming along?

     I am quite aware that it is very easy for any one person to become lost within the epic events that are unfolding before us. The emotions unravel at such high frequency its almost difficult to process. We are bombarded with either anger, distress or even confusion. During the entire time, behind us our garden out on display. In plain view for all to view. Or this is how we tend to believe. All the while many of us haven’t even glanced at our very own garden. Let alone taken a really hard look. Please don’t take this as a speech on staying in your lane. That is a saying I utterly despise. I’m am at no point saying sit down and stay out of the world events. By no means that is not what this is. Instead view this as a personal self check reminder. Now back to your garden.

     How is it? Your garden? Has the past left its remnant in the form of weeds all over? Draining the potential of your fertile soil. Even with this knowledge you don’t have the heart to rid yourself of this life sucking plant. Are the vines of negative talk choking the life of the seeds that you planted for your fruitful growth? Can you actually recall the seeds you DID plant? What were they? Are they being watered from the fountain of joy? Or from the sweat of fear and anxiety? Are you shining your nurturers light upon them?

     When the ball dropped into January 1, 2020, every single one of us had nothing but hope within our hearts. Each one of us made a mental list of what we were going to do to make the following statement truer: “This is going to be the year I change those little issues within my life.” Yet on a global scale 2020 had other plans. This is quite a pivotal time for the world. Yet it is also pivotal for you as well. The events that we have experiences and continue to experience so fa has made 2020 quite an uncomfortable experience for us. Some most than others. (I am not going to precede into a debate upon who all of “us” is. That is for another discussion.) Lest you forget you. The individual. You cannot allow the circling birds from above, to descend upon your garden and devour your seeds. Following their predatory nature of waiting  for your seeds to fruit before the devour your harvest. You cannot allow the poisonous weeds of the past to poison your previous seeds. Yes it is important to move with the flow yet don’t forget for who’s benefit those seeds were planted. Get on your knees and pull hard. Pull those suckers up from your space and be free. Don’t allow the vines of doubtful self talk choke you out or your wishes.

     Tend carefully to your garden. Take great care to provide your garden with the proper nourishment. Make sure that those weeds are yanked out. Send the message that they do not dictate the characterizes of who you truly are. Yank out the vines. Let it be known that these are your dreams and your dreams alone. Your hopes. Your future will no longer allow room for suffocation or stagnation. These seeds that you planted need to grow. These seeds that you have planted need to grow. They will grow. They require your attention. Tend to them. No one can tend to your garden but you. It will always be there but it requires you to put you’re gloves on. You have to get on your knees and pull those bitches up.

     For when that moment comes and you face the world again. Your garden. Your hard work is there. Supporting you. Full. Vital. Strong. With such strength, how an you not face the world. No matter the outcome of any of your transactions. Never forget that this is your garden. No matter how volatile the storm. When the dust settles. This is you’re future. So once again I ask you – How is your garden doing? Does it need some work? If you answer no. Please re-evaluate. A garden always need tending to.

The Loon!


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