About the Author


I am Judith Swanson aka “The Loon”. I am the author of this blog and welcome you to my little space on the internet. As mentioned in my first post I am an aspiring writer that loves to share my thoughts as I look past my personal bubble and look into the world. I am very opinionated and understand that at times I will offend. Not that I mean to but still this is my viewpoint so keep that in mind.

Other than writing a blog I also am working on my first novella.When it will be in print is still to be announced. I also dabble in the art of copyrighting as it also support my love for writing. At the moment my pursuits are part time, yet when you love something it’s really never part time.

Why the Loon? Well I came up with the name before I researched the image. I kinda forgot that it was a bird. Still it seemed like a fitting name because when you are doing something that really makes you happy it almost provide you the feeling of flight. All your worries and trouble seems to role off your back and it allows you to find your footing. So the Loon it is.

I hope you enjoy my post and feel free to share your thoughts. Grab a pastry and a cup of tea!

Yours Truly,

The Loon

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