Life After Service: The V.A

                  The Department of Veteran’s Service have been around since 1636. Anybody that is associated with the Armed Forces in any capacity have heard about the V.A. Sometimes it’s a good light, most of the time not so much. Yet I have recently discovered that the V.A. do provide a various amount of services […]

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Happy Lei Day

Happy Lei Day! Otherwise known to the majority of us as May Day. this is the day we feel and realize the impact of spring as we begin to see the blooming of the May flowers. in the state of Hawaii it is known as Lei day. Enjoy your May Day on this day! The […]

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The Day the Music Died

                On this day in 1959, three beautiful voices were silenced to the world. In the height of their careers Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Popper died in a plane crash due to awful weather conditions. Take a moment and remember these three icons. The Loon

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Happy National Freedom Day

                Today doesn’t only mark the beginning of Black History Month but it’s also National Freedom Day! It was on this day in 1865, that Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th amendment. In 1948, a former slave Major Richard Robert Wright created this holiday. Reminding us of what America stands for – Freedom For All! On […]

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Remember Pearl Harbor!

Today is December 7th, a day that is anything but normal. Today I write this post to remind us to take a moment in silence in remembrance of the tragedy that occurred on this day 76 years ago. On that day the United States of America experienced it’s first assault ever from a foreign nation […]

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This is Not the Playboy Bunny

I am not one that attend air shows. It’s not due to lack of interest. I must admit despite my stepping outside the bubble, I am still not too keen with dealing with crowds so that makes attending them impossible. At least for now. This doesn’t mean I don’t check in from time to time […]

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Today is the National holiday known as Thanksgiving. A good majority of the country is gathering together with friends and family to express how thankful they are. Also to celebrate the kindness and generosity of the Native Americans toward the Pilgrims. For the majority of America this is a joyous holiday. Yet there is another […]

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Taking A Knee

                As football season progress on there has been great controversy within the NFL. This is due to the phenomenon that has taking over during the national anthem. The majority of NFL players have taken to “taking a knee” during the National Anthem. This has caused such an uproar among the masses. It’s seen as […]

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