My Announcement

Hello! Hello! This is the Loon. Today I am so proud to announce the official release of my first publication. I would like to introduce to the world my baby: Vesta Within: 30 Days with you. This book tries to assist you through thirty days of daily positive self-talk. During the past few years I […]

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Give the Gift of the Reading

This holiday season why not bring the imagination of the person you love by giving them the gift of reading. I do have to suggestion. Oh! Yes they are a bit bias. *** Giggle! Giggle!***. My first suggestion is my very own book “Cigarette”. Which you can pick up on Amazon.   My second […]

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Book Review – Das Vampir

Today I would like to share with you a nice introduction to a vampire series from Tom Reinhart called “Das Vampir”. Within this novella, Mr. Reinhart display his adaptable skill of storytelling skills as he takes you on a thrilling journey. The cover of this book is nice and simple. Within it’s simplicity it portrays […]

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Book Review – Judgement

This review is completely overdue. Trust me it’s not due to lack of interest, to be completely honest I couldn’t wait to get this review on paper. ( Had to figure a way of writing this review without ruining the experience for the you the reader.) First thing I have to say is that I […]

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