Food Review: Mango Seed

On a nice Sunday morning I decided to experience a very nice event here in NY called brunch. I know it seems like I am the last one to experience such a wonderful treat. I left the location of choice to my friend on this adventure. He couldn’t have chosen a better place. He took […]

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Food Review – La Caye

I have to start this review with that I am of Haitian American descent. So I tend to be very picky with it comes to the food that I grew up eating. I found my go to place for what I would call “home cooking”. This is a place that I have wanted to visit […]

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Making Connections

On August 3, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event which highlighted the young and energetic entrepreneurs within the tristate area. Basically showing you their products as well as how one can really get it done. If you are even thinking about dipping into becoming an entrepreneur or you are and need to […]

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Chocolate Heaven

Once again I have left the comfort of my little bubble and ventured out into the real world. What wonderful things I have found out there in this ever changing world. I must first start by saying that I am the worst when it comes to chocolate. I have never met a piece of chocolate […]

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Series Review – Vice

From time to time I get a chance to do some channel surfing and discover a new show. Sometimes it pans out and sometimes it doesn’t. This time it actually panned out. I came across an awesome documentary series called Vice. I tend to like documentaries but they are few that I actually watch because […]

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