International Women’s Day

Today is the day that every woman all around the world are celebrated for their strength and continuous fighting spirit. We take a moment to remember the women that have paved the way and continued the fight for women all over the world. Happy International Women’s Day. The Loon

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Happy National Freedom Day

                Today doesn’t only mark the beginning of Black History Month but it’s also National Freedom Day! It was on this day in 1865, that Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th amendment. In 1948, a former slave Major Richard Robert Wright created this holiday. Reminding us of what America stands for – Freedom For All! On […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

                Today is the actual birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the most well-known civil rights leaders within American history. On this day in 1029, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia to a school teacher Alberta Williams King, and a pastor Martin Luther King, Sr. As he grew up as a gifted […]

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Taking A Knee

                As football season progress on there has been great controversy within the NFL. This is due to the phenomenon that has taking over during the national anthem. The majority of NFL players have taken to “taking a knee” during the National Anthem. This has caused such an uproar among the masses. It’s seen as […]

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A week in Review

This post is a bit late. For that I apologize but there is a bug going around and I caught it. That’s what I get for leaving my bubble. **giggle giggle** Well a little over a week ago we had a new President in the Oval office and what a week it has been. Here’s […]

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Women’s March 2017

The day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the women of the world have come together to voice their opposition, their opinion and their resistance to being push back to where we had no rights.(Just so you understand. I didn’t just say the United States of America. I said the WORLD). On January 21, […]

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The End of a Historical Run

Today as we wake to begin your ever so busy life.  Take a moment to reflect on the significant of this day. Today mark the end of a historical run in history. Today is the last official day of the presidency of President Barack Obama. As a child we are told that we can do […]

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Who was the man Bobby Seale?

When it comes to the Black Panther Party and the founder, for most the first name that comes to mind is Huey Newton. Yet most tend to forget that he was the co-founder of the party. The other half of the parties creation is Bobby Seale. Bobby Seale was born on October 20, 1936 at […]

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