Today marks the official launch of a much needed non for profit organization. This is the dream come true of the sole founder Dushawn Moses. An organization from a veteran for veterans. Lifeshift has finally arrived. I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Mr. Moses and get a glimpse into his […]

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Cracks Within Liberty

While sitting in class (when I was much, much younger) and learning of the significance of the liberty bell the iconic symbol of our country. I have always wondered the significance of the crack on such a beautiful symbol of the ideals that this country was based on. The last 30 days have caused me to […]

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The Issue is Cultural

I have been going back and forth on this issue for weeks. I really didn’t want to get on my soapbox so to say during this season of light (Imbolc) but this topic keeps rearing it’s ugly head in my life. Indirectly and directly. I hoped to get my series on Mind, Body and You […]

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A week in Review

This post is a bit late. For that I apologize but there is a bug going around and I caught it. That’s what I get for leaving my bubble. **giggle giggle** Well a little over a week ago we had a new President in the Oval office and what a week it has been. Here’s […]

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Women’s March 2017

The day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the women of the world have come together to voice their opposition, their opinion and their resistance to being push back to where we had no rights.(Just so you understand. I didn’t just say the United States of America. I said the WORLD). On January 21, […]

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