Book Review: Addicted To Pain

Happy New Year! I would love to start this year off with a wonderful book review. I seriously feel that this year will represent a year of healing for many. Personally, there are no better way to start the healing process than to attempt to face one’s addiction to pain. This would be an ideal […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All! For some 2018 was a wonderful year. For others it was a rough one. I have recently seem a lot of post about what is being left behind. How about taking a moment and having gratitude for so much more – – The new people that have come into your life […]

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Give the Gift of the Reading

This holiday season why not bring the imagination of the person you love by giving them the gift of reading. I do have to suggestion. Oh! Yes they are a bit bias. *** Giggle! Giggle!***. My first suggestion is my very own book “Cigarette”. Which you can pick up on Amazon.   My second […]

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A Day for Dad

Happy Father’s day! Today is the day to celebrate the one’s that are the male inspiration within our daily life.  A father is not only a sperm donor.  He guides us, inspire us. All the while arming is with the basic tools required to survive in the world.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s […]

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