Tonight at sundown starts the observance of Ramadan among Muslims. For thirty days there is an observance of fasting, worship and the renewal of family ties. To all who celebrate Happy Ramadan. The Loon

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mother’s out there. Whether you have given birth or not. Today is your day. You are the guiding light of some child’s life. You inspire. You enlighten. You encourage. You deserve more than a day. Yet on this day I say ‘HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!’ The Loon  

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My Poor Lost Sock

Do you have a favorite pair of socks that has lost it’s mate? That pair that you have spent endless hours and days searching for. Literally have thrown apart the house looking for. Well today marks your last chance for that search and to finally say farewell to that lost pair. Today is ‘Lost Sock […]

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Those we take for Granted

Today is the day set aside to honor those working under a career  that all of us take for granted. Yet we owe so much to. Today is National Teacher’s Day! Yes these are the people we truly take for granted. As children we spend most of our time with them as they provide us […]

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Happy Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day! Otherwise known as the tree planters holiday. This holiday was started in Nebraska back in 1872. Basically this a day to plant trees. 😀 Happy Planting! The Loon  

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Let’s Go To Work

If you have noticed that there are a lot of children in your place of business, trust me it’s not your imagination. Today is “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”. Although it has expanded to sons and daughters throughout the years. Initially this holiday was created in 1993 by Ms. Foundation for Women. This was […]

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Bless My Home

Happy Earth Day! This is the only planetary home we got. There is no moving to a new location for us. (At least as it stands now). We might as care for her and treat her right. Although I am a supporter of Earth Day. I am a believer that Earth day should be every […]

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Making Connections Continues

Here you go folks! The YES events for entrepreneurs have returned sponsored by BeCrowned. It returned with such vigor. On March 31, 2018, I had the pleasure of attending yet another successful YES event. This time the event was a little bite different. Not only were there vendors sharing their unique and genius products. They […]

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