Happy Doughnut Day, Lassie

                Happy Doughnut Day to all the Lassie’s of WWII. The only women in the military permitted to visit the frontlines during WWII. They would cook doughnuts is the helmet for the infantrymen on the frontlines also known as ‘doughboys’. This day is in honor of those brave women. This holiday became official in 1917 […]

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National Missing Children’s Day

The fact that this day have to actually exist truly pains my heart. Yet I feel obligated to bring light to this day. Especially with the growing problem of sex trafficking. Today is “National Missing Children’s Day” I would like to think of today as a way to re-educate ourselves about this problem. Maybe go […]

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To All Serve /d

To all those that have served and are still serving, within all branches of our military branches. THANK YOU! Today is Armed Forces Day! You are part of our military history. Which happens to be a very extensive and rich history. This holiday was officially announced by secretary of Defense, Louis Johnson on August 31, […]

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Purple 4 Peace

Take the purple garments out of the closet and adorn yourself with it. It just so happen that today is “Wear Purple for Peace Day”. We are quite aware that the world can benefit from a little more peace. So show your support for peace and wear some purple. The Loon

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Tonight at sundown starts the observance of Ramadan among Muslims. For thirty days there is an observance of fasting, worship and the renewal of family ties. To all who celebrate Happy Ramadan. The Loon

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mother’s out there. Whether you have given birth or not. Today is your day. You are the guiding light of some child’s life. You inspire. You enlighten. You encourage. You deserve more than a day. Yet on this day I say ‘HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!’ The Loon  

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The Backbone to the Backbone

Today is the day to pay homage to the unspoken support and hero’s to our hero’s. Today is ‘Miltary Spouse Day’. Yes they are the hero’s because they never officaially enlisted their services, yet they serve. They provide support and hold down the fort while their soldier runs off to defend the country. They make […]

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My Poor Lost Sock

Do you have a favorite pair of socks that has lost it’s mate? That pair that you have spent endless hours and days searching for. Literally have thrown apart the house looking for. Well today marks your last chance for that search and to finally say farewell to that lost pair. Today is ‘Lost Sock […]

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Those we take for Granted

Today is the day set aside to honor those working under a career  that all of us take for granted. Yet we owe so much to. Today is National Teacher’s Day! Yes these are the people we truly take for granted. As children we spend most of our time with them as they provide us […]

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