Happy April’s Fool’s Day

Happy April’s Fool Day everyone! Today is the day to allow your inner joker out to play. As long as your practical joke is harmless have at it. You guessed it today is the designated day to play practical jokes and tricks. Oh wait delights will one have on this day. Remember be safe and […]

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all that celebrate. Today is the Christian celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the dead. Which provides them with the offering of everlasting hope. The actual word Easter is derived from the Saxon pagan festival that honors the Goddess “Eastre” (also called Oestre). This Goddess is represented by a rabbit. This holiday […]

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                Happy Passover! To those that celebrate. This year Passover spans from today March 30th to April 7th. This is a commendation of when God delivered the Jewish people from slaver from their Egyptian slave masters. This is a celebration that always fall within the season of spring. The Loon

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Palm Sunday

                Today is Palm Sunday. Today is the day Catholics remember and for some reenact the return of Jesus to Jerusalem. Palms are provided to parishioners as they recall how he was so joyfully welcomed into the city. This day also mark the beginning of the Catholic holy week. The Loon

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Blessed Ostara

                Blessed Ostara! To all that celebrates. Today marks the first day of spring, also known as the Spring Equinox. This is a time of fertility and sowing seeds. Those that garden take this time to prepare their seedlings for the upcoming yearly harvest. Take care of the seeds you sow.   The Loon

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

                Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today is the day that many are running out to find an establishment that serves any type of green beer or the like. Least we not forget that this is also known as “The Feast of St Patrick” a holiday celebrated mostly by Christians in Ireland. For this is where […]

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Idles of March

“Beware the Idles of March” On this day all debts were settled. Now a days this was known as the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated on the floor of the Senate by several members of the Senate. The final stab came from his best friend Brutus. This marked an huge turning point for the Roman Empire in general. […]

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Review: Le Petit Café

                Although I don’t get a chance to take advantage of the event that is known as brunch too often, I have discovered that I am a big fan. I love checking out different places from everywhere. Recently I had a moment to break away from the craziness of my life to partake in the […]

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Spring Forward

It’s that time again to add an hour to your clocks, watch, and whatever you use to tell time. It’s daylight savings time, time to spring forward. You get an extra hour of sleep – use it wisely. The Loon

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