Today is the National holiday known as Thanksgiving. A good majority of the country is gathering together with friends and family to express how thankful they are. Also to celebrate the kindness and generosity of the Native Americans toward the Pilgrims. For the majority of America this is a joyous holiday. Yet there is another […]

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That Dirty Word Socialism

The past few years it has been brought up during the elections on whether a candidate has the vibe of being a socialist. Both of the major political parties have gone out their way to demonize any candidate that appears to have a socialist tone. Trying to frighten the masses. Yet they never truly define […]

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Who was the man Bobby Seale?

When it comes to the Black Panther Party and the founder, for most the first name that comes to mind is Huey Newton. Yet most tend to forget that he was the co-founder of the party. The other half of the parties creation is Bobby Seale. Bobby Seale was born on October 20, 1936 at […]

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Who was the Man Huey Newton?

      You cannot mention the Black Panther Party without having Huey Newton come to mind. Huey Newton, was the co-founder of the black socialist party. The party was birthed at the height of the civil rights movement as an answer to the harassment and mistreatment of the black community within the United States. […]

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