Are you up for the challenge?

Everyone has reached that time in their life when they turn around and say to themselves.  “Can I really keep going?” or accompanied with a heavy sigh, “Why is this so hard?”. There are so many others questions that could develop within our mind.Well during this Thanksgiving, I had the great fortune of catching up […]

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Do you know your tribe?

Many of us may find my next statement a hard pill to swallow, yet i have to say it. No one can go through life alone. There are times that you will want to sit there and say to yourself “I can do this on my own.” It really doesn’t matter how strong of a […]

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On this day I would like to wish those that chose to partake in today’s festivities I wish you a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.   For those that observe this day as a day of mourning. My heart and tears go out to you. I offer you my deepest sympathies. My heart goes out to […]

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Missing out

There is a saying that goes something like “Don’t allow someone to rent too much real estate within your mind”. To be perfectly honest I have to admit I actually like this saying. I don’t believe that it only reference just people either. It applies to many things, whether it be an events, concepts, and […]

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Supporting Our Indie Artist

In today’s society we are flooded with so much information about the “popular kids”. You know the one’s I’m talking about – celebrities. The people and works that mainstream media deem worthy for the mass public. The sad part is that the mass public usually buys into these trappings.  The reason that I find this […]

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For My Blogging Buddy

When I started blogging again it was done so I can connect with like minds (which I have done.) as well as having the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinion with the thinkers of the World Wide Web. Yet I am starting to notice a trend when it comes to a lot of my […]

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Book Review – Saint Monolith

My latest reading project was Saint Monolith but Tom Reinhart. This was the first of several stories that has been self-published by him. All together Mr. Reinhart has a total of five self-published books and to be completely honest with you if they have the intensity of Saint Monolith I really can’t wait to read […]

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