On this day I would like to wish those that chose to partake in today’s festivities I wish you a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.   For those that observe this day as a day of mourning. My heart and tears go out to you. I offer you my deepest sympathies. My heart goes out to […]

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Thank You Veteran’s

Today is Veteran’s Day. Did you tell a vet “Thank you” today? Do you know a vet? Chances are you know at least one. Serving in the Armed Forces is an honor and a privilege to those that server. It is also a thankless service and their sacrifice is usually taken for granted. The men […]

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That Dirty Word Socialism

The past few years it has been brought up during the elections on whether a candidate has the vibe of being a socialist. Both of the major political parties have gone out their way to demonize any candidate that appears to have a socialist tone. Trying to frighten the masses. Yet they never truly define […]

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Darkness of Men

I know that I am so late to comment on this subject but I have to admit that I was emotionally taken aback by the events that occur in South Carolina on June 17, 2015 at 9pm. I was actually having a hard time wrapping my head around the actual act of walking into a […]

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