Are you up for the challenge?

Everyone has reached that time in their life when they turn around and say to themselves.  “Can I really keep going?” or accompanied with a heavy sigh, “Why is this so hard?”. There are so many others questions that could develop within our mind.Well during this Thanksgiving, I had the great fortune of catching up […]

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Do you know your tribe?

Many of us may find my next statement a hard pill to swallow, yet i have to say it. No one can go through life alone. There are times that you will want to sit there and say to yourself “I can do this on my own.” It really doesn’t matter how strong of a […]

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Falling a little behind

I usually don’t post notes like this but I felt obligated since I noticed a likes on some of post. I have fallen a little behind with my correspondence. That whole time management thing. I hope to get better at this as I ease myself ever so slowly back into social media. However I can […]

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Social Media Timeout

I just took my roommate up on a challenge. I have to admit at first it was a little bit harder that I thought. After a few more days it became quite simple and very liberating. Yet i should mention what the challenge was. My roommate challenged me to conduct a social media blackout. For […]

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        I honestly should be working on a few other post right now and actually properly some other writing projects but I have to admit that I have had an overwhelmingly emotional experience these last few weeks. That has brought me to a great realization. True friends, the ones that brings the […]

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