Know Who Your Choices Are – XX – Jim Webb

jim web

On July 3rd, 1015, Jim Webb announced that he will be running in the 2016 election to be the next President of the United States. Below I have provided a brief history of his political history.

Age:       69

Place of Birth:    Saint Joseph, MO

Previous Political Office:               U.S. Secretary of the Navy

Political Party:    Democrat

Political History:

1977 – 1981         –              Worked on the staff of the House Committee on Veteran Affairs

1984 – 1987         –              Served as the nation’s 1st Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs

1987       –              Served as Secretary of the Navy

2006       –              Announced for Senator for the State Senator of Virginia

Committee Assignments:

Other Accomplishment

Political Standings:

  • Supports Roe vs Wade and abortion rights
  • Supports Gay marriage
  • Opposes using Social Security taxes for private accounts


Official website:

More sites:


3 thoughts on “Know Who Your Choices Are – XX – Jim Webb

  1. Um, Webb has always held elected office as a Democrat and was running for the 2016 presidential election as such. As a Virginian I can assure you that the man is off-his-rocker nuts, but he’s an honest nut who says exactly what he means (with varying results), which I suppose gives him something over the vast majority of politicians from either party.


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