The Issue is Cultural

I have been going back and forth on this issue for weeks. I really didn’t want to get on my soapbox so to say during this season of light (Imbolc) but this topic keeps rearing it’s ugly head in my life. Indirectly and directly. I hoped to get my series on Mind, Body and You going again but this keeps coming up.

On the tales of actually experiencing the global experience of the “Women’s March” I feel compelled to write this particular post. I have to admit it brings me to a a huge emotional place. On many levels. I also have to say this image sums up the sentiment behind behind this post.

Now before I go on rant I have to say this is what I have personally found is lacking within our current progressive culture. I work in a male dominated field, which makes me a minority on multiple levels. Add the fact that I am a non-conformist and I even have to wonder how I survive in this world. (Trust me if you had a one on one honest discussion with me, you would understand last statement!) That being said the problem against being a woman is not just one man! Yes I am speaking about our current President here in the United States. The problem is with the mentally of the majority of men within this county. (If you don’t fall into this category, please don’t take offense to this. You are the exception to the rule.) The issue is we as women are not respected. It’s a cultural infection among us.

I am quite aware that we are living in 2017 but that is the truth of the matter. On a massive scale within our culture a woman is not viewed as a person but an alternative. I hate to say it but almost as an alternative being. (Explained – Not close to the equalivilant of what a man is. No we are not but we are human and could think for ourselves.) Just look at how those that worship a Goddess and not just a God are viewed. Trust me I know! I get the vibe every time someone glances at my Goddess choker. (Hence why it doesn’t come off!) It’s a look of being lost. (Little do they realize we aren’t the lost one. Yet that is another post all together.) This lack of respect is a cultural thing. Even now in 2017, we are looked upon as lesser. Despite the fact that we have the ability to carry life and bring it to the world. The powers that be feel that we have no right to make this choice. We are looked upon as either a conquest or a toy thing for their pleasure to do as they see fit.

Well to this I say it’s time for a lesson in Respecting Women.

  • Respect our right to where what we seem fit – It’s not about you. It’s about how we feel about ourselves. (The sun doesn’t revolve around you. Neither do we!)
  • Respect our right to love who we chose -It is our hearts to. Ownership means we chose to whom we share it with.
  • Respect our bodies – It is not a toy. It is not an option for you to opt out of when is it is convenient.
  • Respect our vagina (Yes I specific brought that up!) – It is not for the taking because you desire it. It is NOT yours to command as you SEE fit.
  • Respect our mind – It is as equally functional as yours. If not better.
  • Respect our skills – Where you fall short, we are sure to pick up and assist.
  • Respect our will – Every one has one and it is curtailed to our uniqueness. (You don’t hold the market on that!)
  • Respect our determination – We get things done! Not only that we add finesse when we are doing it.
  • Respect our compassion – It is not a weakness but a skill that we instill into humanity.
  • Respect our moods – Yes we do bleed every month and have an abundance of estrogen. What’s your excuse?

For if there were no woman there would be generations of our species. We are strong. We are determined. We will be respected. We have more than earned our rights.

Think about this before you Dis-respect any woman. Whether to her face or not!

Candle lit.

The Loon


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