There is something that has to be said about having that circle of sisterhood. YOu know that group of women that is close to your heart. Those selective group of women that come together to form that sisterhood within your life. You really can’t compare your circle of sisterhood to your tribe. Although they may have some individuals that show up in in both. If you want to, you can say that your sisterhood is your tribe of women. I personally feel that this description doesn’t give them due justice. These group of women come together and provide you a unique sense of support for each other in the most unique way. These special group of women support and accept each other for everything that they are.From their greatest points as well as their shortcomings.


This past holiday season I had the pleasure (once again) of being reminded the importance of maintaining communication and a relationship with my circle of sisters. Of course, this occurred when I was revisited with a selective group of women that makes up a part of my circle. Until this reunion, I was completely unaware how important it is to maintain the relationship with my sisters. It is key to my support system. To be honest to anyone’s support system. I have never known such a beautiful group of women. I forgot what forgiveness was! Yet this group of women reminded me what it was and provided me forgiveness. I forgot what acceptance was. These women reminded me what this was and they accepted me wholeheartedly. I I forgot what unconditional love was. They reminded me what this was and showered me with it. This and much more is what the sisterhood provides for you.


Your sisterhood will forgive you for your transgressions. They will remind you that it’s perfectly okay to forgive yourself of those transgressions. Which is a reminder we require from time to time. The key thing is that they accept every aspect that makes you, you. From time to time they give you a much needed reminder of your strong points. Another key point that we occasionally need reminding of this. They give us and remind us of what unconditional love really is. Accepting and loving our entire embodiment.


That is why it is key to nurture and keep your circle close. Keeping them in the loop, when it comes to your life. They are your lifeline in this crazy world. They are your spiritual center.

The Loon



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