More Connections II

I must apologize for my tardiness on posting this. It has been a hectic month of November. On November 2, I had the privilege of attending the monthly entrepreneur highlights within our area. Our gracious host BeCrowned hosted a wonderful event – once again. Be sure not to miss their upcoming event on December 7th. I am told that there will be several wonderful surprises. To find out more visit them at – join their mailing list and never miss an event. I have two new companies to introduce you to.


Please meet Brandon Cassell Slaughter, the inventor of an up and coming party game called Rules4Life. This game helps encourage interesting face to face conversation at any of your social gathering. You control the topic as well as the flow of the game. It works as a wonderful ice breaker. In a time where there isn’t enough face to face due to social media and etc. This game tends to be a breath of fresh air. You can reach out to Mr. Slaughter at

The second set of entrepreneurs that I would like to introduce you to is the owners of Real Eyes Realize. These two brothers have their own line of T-shirts. Their story is so inspiring. They were able to visit Australia and learn among the indigenous people. I hope to fill you in on the growth of these two. Right now their website is a work in progress but drop by the next event and check out their product.

Please don’t forget to check out the next event on December 7th. Keep a look out for the next happening. Til then – Happy Holidays!


The Loon


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