Restaurant Review: Patiala Indian Grill

When I make the trek into the city I have to admit that it is rich with so many choices of places to eat. That I can say it is not lacking in. Yet there are times that you are yearning for something in particular. I have always ran into the problem of actually finding a nice affordable restaurant that provides good Indian Cuisine. Well I have finally found a place right in the heart of the city.

On 371 W 34 Street is where you can find the Patiala Indian Grill. This is the gem in the heart of the city. Just a block away from Penn Station is where you can find some of the greatest tasting Indian food that you can find in New York. It’s not only the food that makes this place great. Or even the affordable pricing for this area. When they say service is everything, this place proves that it IS everything.

The attention that they provide their patrons is unbelievable. You feel like you are the only one in this place. The food was wonderfully season and satisfying. Their choices appeal to vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. If you are in the mid-town area of New York and would love to have some authentic Indian food with wonderful service check out Patiala. You can check that out online at or you can just go in there yourself and enjoy a wonderful experience.


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