Where Are You Placing Your Energy?

Every single day could be a challenge for every single one of us. The range of what challenges can go from fighting our own personal demons to just making it on a survival basis. During these unprecedented times and events, and that is exactly what we are experiencing. It is unprecedented. Many of us find ourselves either living in complete fear, anger or just in a state of WTF. Trust me you are not alone, and we (yes, I said we) completely understand. Believe me, you’re neighbor, you’re co-worker and most that you have known also understand it. You are not alone. As I write this blog currently we are in a state of quarantine, and dealing with an explosion of yet another case of racially motivated police brutality. We as a society have barely had a moment to breathe. Also our daily form of escape have basically come to a halt. Any way you look at it this is the moment for you to take a pause and have a moment to take in the world.

When you have that moment what do you really spend your energy on? Do you scroll through Instagram or Facebook? Do you sit in front of the tube of the infinity and binge watch some sort of visual depiction of fantasy? Or worst yet do you absorb the daily horrors scroll known as the news in these days? Seriously, outside of your daily duties and obligations. What do you put your energy into? This is a heavy question for the majority of us especially here in NYC. Despite the fact that we are currently preparing to return to some sort of normalcy. If you take a look at the past three months personally. What did you focus yourself and energy into?

This post is not meant as an attack or meant to judge. There is no doubt that every single one of us has real concerns with these global issues that keep unfolding. Survival concerns, which is completely understandable. Trust me I understand. Many of us are unemployed. The masses are trying to do what they can to make their rent, mortgage payment or any other essential issues that require tending to. While trying to figure this out, how much time have you actually spent on helping YOU? I’m talking about providing yourself time to heal and re-energize. So when you open your wonderful eyes in the morning, you’re able to face what need to be dealt with.

My purpose for this particular blog is not to enforce the daily horrors that is shoved down our throats by news outlets and social media. I have been overwhelmed with the negative and opposing opinions, articles and theories as well. This makes it ever so easy to become swept up in the chaos. Causing us to actually expend and provide our energy to such topics. You find yourself obsessing and worrying about all this. But what about YOU? During this time what have you done with your energy to benefit YOU? This is a wonderful time to take a close look at what takes away your energy from the focus of you.

If you stop for a moment and think about it, whether if you are aware of it or not. Where you place your energy is a huge reflection of what is important to you. So if you take a good honest look at the past three months of your quarantine. Did you place your energy into what was important and beneficial for you? Outside the basic needs of survival. How did it benefit you? Your core? Your spirit? If your answer is “No” or if the answer mortify you, then maybe this would be a good time to re-adjust your energy towards something that truly benefits YOU. I’m not talking about what benefit you within your career, not even whatever status you believe you have. I’m speaking about your very being as a human being. Within this incarnation on this planet at this moment.

This is the time, the moment to put your energy into you! What is important to you. Does this sound remotely liberating to you? Providing you the feeling that when you wake with the sun that you are healed, you are ready. All is good because your heart’s desires is only a touch away.


The Loon


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