Everyone always feel that they have competition out there. So who seriously, within each one of our minds we secretly have that one person (For most it tends to be a higher number) that we feel is our competition in no matter what we do. Take a brief moment and think about this. Go ahead. Take a moment and make a mental list of your competition. Better yet, make an actual list. Grab a pen and paper. Make that list.

     Do you have it?

     Good. Take a moment and take a nice honest look at your list. Not its time to take another look at this list. A more even look if you would.

     Do you have a hold of this list in your hand or your mind?

     Okay! Now that you have that, let me let you in on a little secret – that list you are viewing (no matter what form the list is in) is a complete fabrication. You have no competition within that list. Not one person on that list really qualify as a competition to you. You are not in competition with any single person. Their importance is as important as you ALLOW it to be. Their importance is as much as you feed into it. Please allow me to clarify. There is no competition. This is an illusion. Your only competition is you.

     Let’s try to take a healthier look at this entire situation. From this list you have created there is a key question one must ask oneself. What is about these people within this list which is invoking that challenging spirit within you?  This is the best approach to this particular situation. Yes this is a situation. Better yet grab a mirror and look right into it. This is the only competition you have. That person looking back at you. This is your competitor. When you set your eyes another being and feel that you must compete with that person. Or better yet find them “annoying”. This is the time to bring up that mirror and truly reflect on the image looking back at you.

     Now take another look at that list you created one more time. Instead of look at these people as your competition look upon them as a source of your upcoming growth. While you are taking the time to look at that mirror try to take the time to reflect on the issues and circumstance that has been brought to your attention. It’s truly doesn’t take more than just a shift within your perception. Simple recall what each name on the list initially invoke within you. (Yes, this is an issue of allowing outside sources influence you power. Yet this is a completely different post.). This is your goal. What is that goal? To actually face your shit. This is the time for you to actually make an effort to overcome. Once you have done that, its time for you to “Get pass it.” The steps that would help you in doing this can only be done and discovered by oneself. Yet at this point it’s not how you will get pass it. The point at this time is for you to understand and face this particular truth about yourself. The reason for this particular question is mainly for you to face your inner truth. Yes, this is your chance to face your inner truth. Especially when it comes to dealing with those that you find as your competition. Why do you truly view them as your competition? Why can’t you view them as what they actually are? A lesson.

     Look at them as an assistance to your inner awakening. The purpose of this particular post is to assist you with identifying where your work must begin. Understand that at no point that you are in competition with any other person. Your only competition is YOU. Even if you stamp it on another. You’re competition is still – You. Even if there is someone within your exterior may appear to be in opposition to you. That is nothing more than yourself attempting to manifest you shortcomings before yourself. There is nothing wrong with this. If you can find a way to create this as an advantage that you can use. All the better for you. If there is anything that you take away from this post is that competition is nothing more than an illusion. Yet this particular illusion has a valuable purpose. Everything within life is a tool. A tool that can either assist you within your inner growth or as a tool for your utter undoing. How you approach it is up to you.

The Loon


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