Book Review: Addicted To Pain

Happy New Year! I would love to start this year off with a wonderful book review. I seriously feel that this year will represent a year of healing for many. Personally, there are no better way to start the healing process than to attempt to face one’s addiction to pain. This would be an ideal time for me to introduce my real purpose for this post. My first book review of the year could help you with just that. This book can assist you with facing your road to resolving your resolve with pain.

Let me start by saying that although this book is deeply seeded with Christian overtones, this book can be beneficial no matter your religious or spiritual path. Mrs. Howard, does use scripture to reinforce with her assistance with going through the healing process. Which also can help others find text that resonant with them. Even if this isn’t your choice of spiritual path. Keep in mind no matter your choice this book CAN benefit from the steps provided within these pages. Within these pages, you will find the steps with dealing with a toxic relationship. The entire process of grieving, facing and healing is perfectly laid out. Bonus part is that it turns out to be greatly beneficial.

To be perfectly honest this book is much much more than a self help book. Yes it shows you how to help yourself, which I guess is “self help”. Yet it also provide you with the tools to recognize such behavior, and try to prevent from falling into the same behavior. I for one can say I am already seeing the benefits of reading this book. Even if you don’t believe you are in or ever been in a toxic relationship. The knowledge gained could end up being priceless.


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